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Yonca Karakas, K I N G D O M    OF   H E A V E N  series, 2014

MATTHEW / 18:3; ” And he said; Unless you become like little children, you will not see kingdom of heaven”

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The Wanderer By Anna Dempure

I have wandered the earth for you,
I have wandered the universe.
I have crawled across deserts for you,
I have bled all I have.

I have wandered the earth for you,
I have climbed Olympus;
I have damned my soul for you,
I have lost everything.

I have wandered the earth for you,
I have conquered the Arctic,
I have wept beneath the lights for you,
I have lost my heart to the frost.

I have wandered the earth for you,
I have searched the face of the moon,
I have swum the Atlantic for you,
I have lost my mind to the sea.

I have wandered the earth for you.
I have defied the laws of physics and time and,
space for you;
And now I’m stuck in a bottomless pit of salt.

Note: My favorite poem, for my favorite person: Jodie.

Anna Dempure (via annadempure)

Promises promises
by Anna Dempure

I want to climb the himalayas.

I want to crawl the Antarctic.
I want to sleep beneath the dancing lights,
and share a bed of ice with you under the snow.

I want to build sandcastles in the Sahara and
touch the top of the Pyramids.

I want to hunt for treasures and
talk about the old kings and queens.
About the pharos and lords,
The ladies and Dukes.
The squires and slaves.

I want to swim through Venice and make spaghetti.
I want to fly up vesuvius and
glide through the ashes of Pompeii.

I want to fall in love with the city of angels and
have my heart broken by the city of lights.

I want to watch the sun never go down in Alaska and
run with wolves in the forest.

I want to see Paris covered in a blanket of snow and
Flip crêpes until my arm falls off.

I, want you to travel the world,
Walk the globe,
Cross oceans,
Barren landscapes and
War torn villages in
Nothing but your bare

I want you to give me everything,
Like you promised.

The moon,
The stars,
The light right out of times square.

I want all the light in the world
I want all the dreams that never came.

I want a mermaid’s purse and
The scale of a dragon.

I want Cinderella’s slipper and
All the salt in the sea.

I want everything you promised me.
I want the world.
You offered me the

Anna Dempure (via annadempure)

By Anna Dempure

Eyes like blue opal. She cries tears of diamonds and her wails sound like echoes.

Her slaps feel like velvet and her embraces like poisoned arrows, daggers through my skin.

She sings like an untuned viola and her kisses feel like pin-pricks.

This world. Her world. The world that she has conjured.

Imagined, is a world where razors are raspberries and sunlight burns like acid.

Anna Dempure (via annadempure)
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